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31st August 2012
The Geographies of Homelessness: Homeless Experiences and Homeless Policy in Different Spaces

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Data Collection
Background: There are currently no official European statistics on homelessness. At national level, data collection on homelessness is developing rapidly in most EU countries, allowing for better homeless policies, monitoring and measurement. At EU level, the 2007 European Commission “Study on the measurement of homelessness at EU level” and the Commission-funded MPHASIS project (2008-2009) are promoting the development of national information systems on homelessness. At international level, the UN is promoting national population and housing censuses in all countries in 2011, which should enumerate the entire population including people who are homeless.

Working group: FEANTSA members are key players in homelessness data collection since many members manage homelessness documentation systems based on client record systems of homeless services (emergency shelters, temporary accommodation, etc), and carry out homelessness surveys and street counts. FEANTSA has therefore established a Data Working Group as a pool of experts who exchange information on data collection methodologies, monitor relevant EU developments, and steer FEANTSA’s strategy on homelessness data collection.

FEANTSA has produced a number of documents that relate to the collection of information on homelessness (statistics, data collection systems, definition of homelessness). This webpage is divided into the following sections:
-Policy statements
-Members' national reports
-Background documents/webpages
-Useful links

For more information or questions contact the Coordinator:Gwendolyne Orchard(gwendolyne.orchard@feantsa.org).

[04/2011]  Comparability of homelessness data collection across the EU: A case study of six European cities
The FEANTSA Data Group decided to carry out a small case study to test cross-country comparability of homelessness data collection in 6 European cities (Budapest, Dublin, Marseille, Oslo, Ostrava, and The Hague) using the MPHASIS core standard variables as a starting point. As data users and producers, the Group wishes to contribute to EU debates on homelessness measurement.
  » Document available in the following languages :  
[03/2010]  FEANTSA Policy statement on "How to measure homelessness and housing exclusion"
This paper makes recommendations for 1. A European Typology on Homelessness and housing exclusion (ETHOS) 2. A Europe-wide monitoring system on homelessness 3. The use of EU-SILC to collect information on homelessness, through the use of retrospective modules.
  » Document available in the following languages : 
[11/2008]  2011 Round of Population and Housing Censuses: FEANTSA Recommendations for the enumeration of homeless people on census night
This is an initial stocktaking of the situation in Europe. FEANTSA would like to invite Eurostat to organise a preparatory meeting on hard-to-count groups, to allow national statistics offices to exchange ideas and methodologies on the enumeration of homeless people in 2011.
  » Document available in the following languages :  
[10/2007]  FEANTSA Proposal : A Retrospective module on homelessness for household surveys (October 2007)
This proposal is the result of discussions within the Data collection working group of FEANTSA. This is an initial proposal to feed into current debates on homelessness measurement since retrospective methods in this area are still quite new in many countries, and the Data collection group believes this method could be useful for shedding more light on homelessness pathways. This paper will be changed and adapted according to future developments in the use of retrospective modules on homelessness.
  » Document available in the following languages :  
[02/2006]  Good practice guidelines for monitoring and measuring homelessness
This is a Guide for FEANTSA members who wish to set up a documentation system on homelessness, or who wish to revise their current system.
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[11/2011] Overview of transnational statistical initiatives on homelessness and poverty
This document provides an overview of all initiatives related to homelessness statistics in Europe which are relevant for the work of FEANTSA. It is divided into 3 sections: European Union, United Nations, Other international sources.
  » Document available in the following languages : 
[10/2010] FEANTSA statistical reviews
See FEANTSA Research Observatory website
[02/2009] Data sources on homelessness
As yet, there are no European statistics on homelessness. However, data and research do exist at national and local level on homelessness. Read on
[04/2005] FEANTSA Press Release: How many homeless people are there in Europe in 2005? Using ETHOS to try and find an answer
This press release from April 2005 launched the FEANTSA Observatory Statistics Review for 2004.
  » Document available in the following languages :  
[03/2005] ETHOS - European Typology on Homelessness and housing exclusion
See here for specific information on national and European discussions on ETHOS.
  » Document available in the following languages : 

Italy: Results of Homelessness Research Announced [10/26/2012]
» Details
Ireland: Census Results on Homelessness [10/1/2012]
» Details
Italy: Results of Research into Homelessness Released 9th October [10/1/2012]
» Details
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   Statistics on homelessness in Europe

Combating poverty and social exclusion 2010 

Review of Homelessness Statistics in Europe 2009 
   (European Observatory on Homelessness)

EU city data on homelessness 2004
   (Extracted from the Urban Audit)

EU data on overcrowding 2001
   (Extracted from Eurostat data)

EU data on financial burden due to housing costs 2001
   (Extracted from Eurostat data)

   EU statistical initiatives

European Observatory on Homelessness

EU-Survey on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)

Eurobarometer surveys

Indicators sub-group of the EU Social Protection Committee

EU Observatory on Demography and the Social Situation

Mphasis 2008-2009

Study on measurement of homelessness at EU level

EU Urban Audit



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