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31st August 2012
The Geographies of Homelessness: Homeless Experiences and Homeless Policy in Different Spaces

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European Consensus Conference on Homelessness, Brussels, 9 -10 December 2010

The European Consensus Conference on Homelessness was an innovative policy process seeking to establish common understandings on fundamental questions about homelessness in order to provide a basis for future policy progress. It was an initiative of the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council, co-organised with the European Commission. FEANTSA (the European Federation of Organisations Working with the Homeless) co-ordinated the process and the French Government was a key partner. The conference took place on the 9th and 10th of December 2010 in Brussels.
Photographs - See here for photographs of the European Consensus Conference on Homelessness.
Video - Watch a 30 minute film of the consensus conference.
          - Watch a short video of the press presentation of the Jury Recommendations and an interview with Chair of the Jury, Frank Vandenbroucke.
Press - Read about the Jury Recommendations in the European Press.
Conference links:
The contact person for the consensus conference at FEANTSA is Ruth Owen (ruth.owen@feantsa.org)