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31st August 2012
The Geographies of Homelessness: Homeless Experiences and Homeless Policy in Different Spaces

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Strategies to Combat Homelessness

In recent years, a growing number of national and local strategies have been put in place across Europe with the aim of reducing, and even ending, homelessness.  Many contain inspiring guidelines and original measures.  Please see below for more information from different countries and regions - we hope to have more strategies available in the next few weeks and where possible, we will also try to provide translations.  Keep checking this page for updates! 
The Way Home: A strategy to Address Adult Homelessness in Ireland, 2008-2013
Issued by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, in August 2008.
Available in English.


Issued by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, March 2005
Available in English.
Issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government, August 2012
Available in English.

The Housing (Scotland) Act, 2001
Issued by the Scottish Government in 2001
Available in English.


10 Year Homelessness Plan
Issued by the Welsh Assembly Government in 2009
Available in English.

Programme to reduce long-term homelessness, 2008-2011
Issued by the Finnish Government, in February 2008.
Available in English.

National Strategy for the Integration of Homeless People - Estrategia nacional para a integração de pessoas sem-abrigo, 2009-2015
Issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity, in March 2009.
Available in Portuguese.
A Strategy to Reduce Homelessness in Denmark
Issued by the Danish Government, early 2009.Issued by the Danish Government, early 2009.
Available in Danish and English.

Homelessness, multiple faces, multiple responsibilities - a strategy to combat homelessness and exclusion from the housing market, 2007-2009
Issued by the Government Offices of Sweden.
Available in English.


The pathway to a permanent home - Strategy to prevent and combat homelessness.  Grants, examples, collaborations and participants 2005-2007
Issued by the Norwegian Government.
Available in English.

The Netherlands
Strategy Plan for Social Relief of 4 Major Cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht)
Issued by the Dutch Government, February 2006.
Available in English.

The overall strategy of the Government for the care of homeless or poorly housed
Issued by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable, Development and The Sea
A new version is available in French and English.
Draft consultation document
on Polish Homelessness Strategy
More information will be available later in the year.
Available in Polish.

North-Rhine Westfalia

Obdachlosigkeit verhindern - Weiterentwicklung der Hilfen in Wohnungsnotf�llen
More details to be published later this year.
Available in German.


The Road Home
Issued by the Australian Government, December 2008.
Available in English.
Opening Doors
First Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness
Issued by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, May 2010
Available in English.
Northern Ireland 
This Strategy’s three-strand approach is geared towards:
Helping people to avoid homelessness
Helping people to escape from homelessness
Supporting people when they get a home
Available in English.
In December 2011, FEANTSA and other European NGOs sent a joint letter to the European Commission encouraging it to deliver on political commitments to creating an EU Homelessness Strategy.  A reply was received in January 2012.